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Employment Law

Employment Law advice

Employment Law

For sound and practical advice on employment law, redundancy and employment rights…

Employment Law

Employment Law for employees or casual workers

For the times when you’re faced with difficult and stressful situations at work where you feel you’re being dealt with unjustly, our employment solicitors give you peace of mind through practical advice on a wide range of everyday and specialist employment law issues, or represent you at unfair dismissal or discrimination cases.

Our employment law solicitors will give you guidance on the terms of your contract and employment rights whether you’re an employee or about to take up a new job. If you have problems at work, we’ll advise you on your employment rights during any grievance or disciplinary procedure and help to resolve any issue where you feel you haven’t been treated fairly by your employer – without the need to go to an employment tribunal.

If internal resolution is not possible, or if your employment has been terminated, we’re very experienced in advising how to bring a claim through an employment tribunal for:

  • unfair or wrongful dismissal
  • outstanding notice monies or other monies due to you
  • redundancy payment
  • deductions from your wages
  • unpaid holiday pay
  • discrimination or harassment on the grounds of sex, racial or ethnic origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief or age
  • equal pay
  • maternity or other family-friendly complaints
  • helping get the best possible severance package or financial settlement if that’s the last course of action

Our employment law advice covers stress or related injuries, or any other type of injury sustained at work.

We understand financial difficulties people often face following dismissal so we offer free interviews with a range of funding options available, including “no win, no fee” agreements.

Employment Law For employers

Our employment law solicitors firmly believe prevention is better than cure. Employment law remains one of the fastest changing areas of law, and can prove a costly area for mistakes, which means accurate and up-to-date advice is essential to protect your business.

Employment law advice is a must and it makes sense to have adequate and all- encompassing policies in place for your workforce – and correctly communicate and apply them – and if you’re employing people, it’s key to get your policies and procedures correct. We offer a full selection of services, including drafting and advice on terms and conditions of employment contracts for external workers and drafting grievance and disciplinary procedures to ensure your business is secure from often easily preventable claims from current or former employees. We make it easy for you to know where you stand legally and ethically, and your employees also.

Our employment law department has a client base of businesses of all sizes. We understand your commercial needs and all our advice is tailored to the specific requirements of your business.

For more information, please telephone Brian Donnan on 01273 662752 or email him at bdonnan@edward-harte.co.uk.

Brian is assisted by Karen Heal who can be contacted on 01273 662750 or by emailing her.

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